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Dayun Electric scooters are one of the best known electric bikes / scooters on the market today


Electric vehicles are 99% less polluting than the cleanest fossil fuel powered equivalent” EPA Environmental Protection Agency. “

We’re one of the top electronic bike dealerships in UK.  Specialising in electric motorcycles & scooters.   Go GREEN and save money on gas prices by driving a electronic scooter and bicycle’s.

Running cost is only around 5p per charging!



General requirements


Scooter Dayun

In GB, the EAPC Regulations1 apply to certain bicycles, tandem bicycles or tricycles fitted with pedals by means of which they are capableof being propelled. For the regulations to apply, the motor assistance must be provided by an electric motor and not by an internal combustion engine. The electric motor must not be able to propel the machine when it is travelling at more than 15mph. Furthermore, the vehicle must also meet the following requirements:

Maximum kerbside weight (including batteries but without rider) shall not exceed

– Bicycle: 40 kg – Tandem Bicycle: 60 kg – Tricycle: 60 kg

Maximum continuous rated power output of the motor shall not exceed

– Bicycle: 200W – Tandem Bicycle: 250W – Tricycle: 250W

An EAPC which complies with the above is not considered to be a motor vehicle within the meaning of The Road Traffic Act 1988. As a result, it is not required to be registered, pay vehicle excise duty (road tax) or be insured as a motor vehicle. No EAPC may be ridden by anyone under the age of 14 years.